Align Fasteners Manufacturing Sdn Bhd
7, Jalan Lingkungan Raja Lumu,
Pandamaran Industrial Area,
42000 Port Klang,
Selangor Malaysia.
+603-3168 2662
+603-3168 2661


Terminal Screw

Stop Rivet

Shoulder Rivet

Semi Hollow Rivet

Sphere Head Bolt

Serrection Bolt

M12x50 Flat Head Bolts

Hex Flange Bolt with Oring Groove

Fetter Thread.

Bolt with Fetter Thread


Pan Head Screw with 'CA' Point

Pan Head Machine Screw M4x75mml

Oval Head wtih 'CA' Point

Machines Screw

Stainless Steel Screw T20

Stainless Steel -A2

Copper Rivet

Captive Screw

Shoulder Rivet

Semi Hollow Rivets-Top View

Semi Hollow Rivet

Seal Pin

Screw with Radius Point

Sheet Terminal Screw

Screws with Oval Point

Screw wtih Radius Point

Sheet Metal Screw with Type B & Pilot Point

Plastic Screw with Type 'F'

Plastic Screw Type 'B'

Plastic Screw 'B' Type

Sheet Metal Screw

Sheet Metal Screw Type, AB

Sheet Metal Screw A or AB Point


M6 Container Screw

Container Screw-TapTite

Bugle Head Taptie Screw


Weld Stud (T3)

Weld Rivets U3

T-Head Bolt Weld

Square Head Screw

Furniture Screws

Thin Head Particle Board Screw

Shelve Supports Pin

Pozii Head Connecting Screw

Wire Forming Threaded Rod.

Spring Lock Washer.

M6 Left Threaded Bolt .

Knurling-Diamond Type.

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